My Masculinity Isn’t Threatened

Visiting my cousin’s blog I was tricked into taking the Star Trek personality test. However, I’m man enough to admit that it showed:

You are Uhura

“You are a good communicator with a pleasant soft-spoken voice.
Also a talented singer.”

I was 10 percentage points off of my childhood hero Captain Kirk, but sadly I was just as likely to be one of those red shirt extras in a landing party that invariably get killed.

Click here to take the “Which Star Trek Character Are You?” quiz…


I’ve spent a little time tidying up around here. Thanks to developments with WordPress, I have rationalised my categories so they display the subcategory hierarchy. I’ve also added a tag cloud at the bottom of the right column.

I like the WordPress widgets. Its nice to have little bits and bobs to liven up the place.

It’s All Greek

After watching an episode Dr Who, Aidan was under the impression that a female robot was called an android. He was referring to the robotic Anne Robinson character in the Ninth Doctor episode “Bad Wolf”, who has the name Anne Droid. That’s when it finally dawned on me that a female robot should not be called an android.

Android comes from the Greek ανδρας which means a male. A female robot should be called a gynoid from the Greek γυνή. The proper unisex or generic term should be anthropoid.

I’m sure there are science fiction writers out there who have gotten it right, and at first I was going to say that clearly Russell T. Davies isn’t one of them. But being the generous soul that I am, I suppose that Guy Noid wouldn’t have fit the story quite as well.


It wasn’t exactly Baby Jessica, but Henry the hamster was stuck at the bottom of pipe four feet long and four inches wide. The RSPCA couldn’t get him out. It took two council workers and a low-tech solution.

It reminded me a bit of Humphrey, the hamster we had before the children came along. I killed him by dropping a fridge on him, but he was resurrected and lived out his days in peace. Well, until the cancer got him. I had nothing to do with that.

If the state of the world has you down, it’s time for a feel-good story in the news.

The £830,000 Mistake

This was a rental car. I hope he bought the Collision Damage Waiver.

Taking out the Trash

Maybe a lot of other people haven’t, but the spammers have found me. Thanks to WordPress’ Akismet filter, only one rogue comment has made it through. At this point, 120 have been blocked.

I didn’t even notice until I needed to edit one of my own comments to fix a typo.

This has been one of the little advantages of the underhanded upending of my old web hosting account. After my old hosts screwed up my spam blocking software with Moveable Type, I had clean out spam on a daily basis – massive amounts of it sometimes. When I moved to Blogger, the multi-step process of commenting stopped that. Now I know that WordPress is as effective, without requiring all the hoop-jumping. And with comments fully editable, it is as close to a perfect world as could be expected.

All is Quiet on the Inner City Front

Ok, so it’s the small Midlands city front, but why waste a chance to drop in a Bruce Cockburn line?

WordPress may not be the best platform for someone who is borderline OCD. With Blogger, I was blissful unaware that no one was reading my drivel. Now I have stats. I’m constantly checking the stats. Does my public love me?

For some reason, after riding uncharacteristically high, I’ve hit a dip today. This is despite the fact that in between marking Year 9 exams, I’ve put a lot of stuff out there trying to get you tag surfers (and you know who you are, even if I don’t) to click on over.

I could try hiding some stuff under the “More” tag to entice you. Hmm…. Sex? Right-wing politics? Left-wing politics? Devotional content? (I’m still reading Job and Fr Pat’s commentary.) History? (It is the 424th anniversary of the Papal bull Inter gravissimas – the object of derision by Orthodox Christian ever since and the 203rd anniversary of Marbury v. Madison, the bane of Presidents and Congresses ever since.) Humour? (Or maybe I can get more American readers if I write it “Humor”.) Britney Spears? I could be the 4 millionth blog to put up a picture of Bald Britney, or even one with her head shaved. What is it you people want?

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