The Living and the Dead

Dr David Holford has linked to an article from Hot Air about Christianity rebounding in Europe and in his adopted country of Sweden in particular. Most of it is not happening in the Church of Sweden. Why?

Hedvig Eleonara [parish church] has three full-time salaried priests and gets over $2 million each year though a state levy. Annika Sandström, head of its governing board, says she doesn’t believe in God and took the post “on the one condition that no one expects me to go each Sunday.”

The Politics of Sin

We tend to think of Republican administrations as being more beneficial for big business. This is not always the case. There is at least one industry that wants Hillary in the White House.

Making Sense of It All

I’ve been waiting to see a newspaper front pages that doesn’t have a picture of, or story about, Madeleine McCann.

In The Times, David Aaronovitch finally says the sensible things no one else will say.

What Fred Said

With regard to the Virginia Tech massacre, we have an oppotunity to find out WWFTD.

Thank to wytammic at Sunflower Desert for reproducing a National Review article by future president Fred Thompson.

I just checked CafePress and it appears that all the WWFTD merchandise is gone. Anyone know what’s happened? I so wanted to get one of those mugs.

Duke, Knoxville, and Justice

The Duke rape hoax scandal has barely been mentioned by the media here. I knew about it from the Internet before I went to the States, where it was big news. It became even bigger news when it was finally brought out in the open that District Attorney Michael B. Nifong had committed crimes worthy of disbarrment and prison to use the case for political ends.

I will add my voice to those who think he should be strung up for intentionally destroying the lives of those students. Their accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, ought to be awfully glad that Deuteronomy 19:16-19 isn’t the law of the land, even though it would be justly applied in this case. It should equally apply to Mr Nifong. (Any anti-theonomists are invited to dispute this.) A profile of Ms Mangum is available from The American Daily.

With an audacity usually reserved to British Labour Party politicians, Nifong refuses to resign in these circumstances.

I have to give a H/T to the Grit, who made me aware of the gruesome killings of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, which by contrast made no news outside of the Knoxville area because the story involved the wrong racial balance between perpetrator and victim. The Conservative Voice article to which he links further exposes the bias evident in the MSM, and particularly that useless pretentious rag, The New York Times.

I’d support a theonomic response in the Knoxville case as well.

End of Days

As noted by the Daily Telegraph, Tony Blair’s days as Prime Minister are at an end. As much as I’m sure he hoped to go out on top, it appears that he is rather floating away in a dinghy as the ship of state sinks.

The upcoming local elections will likely be the final nail in his polical coffin. I don’t view them with quite the dire ramification of the Brit. The Scottish Nationalist are likely to win a plurality up north. Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes it’s for the best.

We probably won’t have Scottish prime minster of England while Scotland goes independent under the Scottish Nationalists. If the SNP gain control of Holyrood they won’t get a referendum together until 2010.  Gordon Brown has to call a General Election to be held by April 29 of that year, though it could come as early as 2009. That’s when the Tony Blair clone, David Cameron will probably get into Number 10.

I don’t think the Tories will do that much better than Labour. They have a virtually identical fiscally moderate capitalist/socialist blend with a liberal social policy accepting of anything and without moral constraint.

Royal Hatred

Fred Phelps is always there to give Christians a bad name. The latest focus of his hatred is the King of Sweden.

Fred never ceases to amaze.