David’s Daily Diversions grew out of David’s Mental Meanderings, a newsletter (and eventually an e-letter) published since 1989.

David’s Mental Meanderings was not my first foray into foisting my thoughts upon others. I was publishing a monthly newsletter with international circulation at the age of 13. This was prepared on a manual typewriter with the artwork (commissioned from other out-of-state artists) fixed by rubber cement and photocopied at a local accounting firm. It was published under the auspices of the Christian Star Trek fan club I ran. (This was the only Christian Star Trek fan club registered with the official Star Trek Welcommittee.)

Since my days as a Star Trek fan, in various stipendary and non-stipendary capacities, and with varying degrees of success, I have been a radio show announcer, hospital orderly, ambulance driver, political writer, campaign coordinator, party county chairman, campground evening manager, bookstore assistant manager, graduate assistant, fast food delivery driver, parliamentary intern, rock/country-rock/folk-rock band front man, lawyer, vigante priest, website salesman, operations manager, and secondary school teacher. I’m sure I’ve left out a few things.

I’m now the associate pastor of a non-denominational church, teaching and responsible for worship and a few other things. You can visit my podcast of various teaching series here or look me up on iTunes. I also maintain a non-profit law practice focused on immigration.


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  1. John says:

    Just came across your post about Barry McGuire’s “I walked a mile” on the ‘To the Bride’ album. I also used to listen to this a good while ago and also wanted to use the track in the comprehensive school where I teach, on a rather important day before the end of term. I have the technology to convert vinyl to digital audio, but sadly not the vinyl any more. By any chance have you succeeded in converting the track yourself? I contacted Barry and he very politely suggested I buy the album from the US!

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