The Living and the Dead

Dr David Holford has linked to an article from Hot Air about Christianity rebounding in Europe and in his adopted country of Sweden in particular. Most of it is not happening in the Church of Sweden. Why?

Hedvig Eleonara [parish church] has three full-time salaried priests and gets over $2 million each year though a state levy. Annika Sandström, head of its governing board, says she doesn’t believe in God and took the post “on the one condition that no one expects me to go each Sunday.”


2 Responses to The Living and the Dead

  1. Hmm….

    I simply can’t figure it out.

  2. I cannot even force myself to raise an eyebrow.

    This seems pretty common place in a lot of the Anglican and Lutheran state churches in Europe. Really, any more, to titter about each and every crazy thing we hear from the “other side” is self-indulgent and sinful.

    In Sweden my first and foremost concearn is for the care and support of the Catholic Church of Sweden and the Ortho-Church communities that have chapels there. It is from that fairly small but faithful remnant that we will see growth and rebirth.

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