Uncomfortable Home Truths

I know I made some members of my extended family unhappy when I unearthed the truth that my great-great-grandfather had not been shot off his horse while fording the Caney Fork River carrying a bag of gold. In fact, despite the fact that this family legend is completely preposterous, some still cling to it and don’t want to here anything I have to say on the matter.

How much worse it must be for Katrin Himmler, whose great-uncle Heinrich was the head of the Nazi SS and engineered the Holocaust, but whose grandfather and other great-uncle had always disclaimed any allegiance to the Reich or participation in its evil. When she did a little family research she found out the truth. The Sunday Times has a piece on her today, in preparation for her book being available in the UK next week.


2 Responses to Uncomfortable Home Truths

  1. Steve says:

    My wifes family have a legend of royal descent from Edward, Duke of Kent (Queen Victoria’s father), and if we want to fet family information from them we have to be quite careful, because some are rather touchy on the subject, and object when you show them a family tree that doesn’t show the Duke of Kent.

  2. Philippa Alan says:

    Fascinating! I’ll bet that will be a very interesting book.

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