Destroying the Past

When I saw it on the news tonight I couldn’t believe it.

Excavation in the Shire have revealed an archaeological find of significance that can only be compared with Stonehenge, similarly dating from the early Bronze Age. It is unique in Europe. According to the county archaeologist, “It is of international significance.”

You would think it is the next great tourist attraction. Surely it is the stuff of brown road signs and interpretive centres. If all the pseudo-druids go to the Henge for the solstice, surely they would visit the Rotherwas Ribbon at the equinox. Ching ching chingaling go the tills with tourist pounds.

Well, no. It’s being covered over. With a road. Yes, that’s right. An archaeological find of international significance is being tarmacked. They’ll take a few pictures first, but history cannot be allowed to stand in the way of progress.


6 Responses to Destroying the Past

  1. Huw Raphael says:

    Have they then changed their original plan?

    To ensure the “Rotherwas Ribbon” remains intact for future generations to explore, detailed plans have been drawn up to encase the find and preserve it within a protective structure beneath the new road,.

  2. Dave says:

    Yes, theoretically if whatever they box it in with holds up over years and years, whenever they dig up the road, the Rotherwas Ribbon will still be underneath. But in the meantime, the protective structure will be tarmacked over, so that hundreds of transport lorries each day (the purpose of building the Rotherwas relief road – Rotherwas is the major industrial estate here) can drive over this site for many years to come.

    BTW – I’ve fixed the link to the one I actual meant to refer to, not a dead link back into this blog.

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  4. Huw Raphael says:

    Gack. I see the reality you’re describing fits really well with their “spin”.

  5. Just to let you know that you can find out more about the campaign to save the Serpent from a road we don’t need at

  6. Dave says:


    I linked to it as soon as it was live in my more recent post. I have now also included a link to the 10 Downing Street E-Petition.

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