Three Strikes and You’re Out

The day after two car bombs we found in London, both by providential observers, a blazing car has been driven at the main terminal building of Glasgow Airport.

It appears to me to be a car bomb gone “wrong”. The car was already on fire and one of the occupants was on fire, jumped from the car, but was stopped by members of the public until he was detained by the police.  The other was pulled from the car by police, even as he was trying to fight them off. Both were of South Asian ethnicity.
The car never had the chance to explode and as far as news reports indicate, no one was killed or injured.  So far this week, even when they’ve made an attack, terrorists have been unsuccessful.

The terrorists will have to realise this ain’t Bagdad. We won’t be cowed by their bullying.

One Response to Three Strikes and You’re Out

  1. Margi says:

    Despite being only 1/4 British I’ve decided I look back with affection on the days when half the atlas was coloured pink for the British Empire and the British and Americans realised the other was the best friend they were likely to have. Democracy, in my opinion, is for them that deserves it. My big issue with George W. is why he wants to go inflicting it on people who neither deserve nor want it. I don’t give a rat’s ass if half the middle-east wants to kill the other half. I’ve lived there – it’s no great loss. People who think it is – people who burn their own country’s flag whether it’s the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes – need a good two years in a country with no civil liberties where you keep “Swiss biscuit” in the safe incase you need to get out in a hurry. I really don’t agree with what’s going on in Iraq (but then I didn’t agree with what Bill did in Serbia either) but I do sooooooo want all those anti-war, flag-burning whiners to get a good taste of not living in a democracy. Oh, and I’ve just been on the Edinburgh airport bus, the drivers say they can’t get into the airport as it’s surrounded by cops with guns but people with tickets can actually travel.

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