Sea-Monkey® Update

They are no longer nearly microscopic. The Artemia nyos in the little tank on the kitchen windowsill can be seen from across the room. Some of them may be as long as the nail on my little finger. They are hard to measure accurately, as they aren’t particularly keen to tread water.

The monkeys are no doubt thriving due the care and attention of Mrs H. She has supplied prescribed amounts of Mating Power, Growth Food, and Plasma III.

I have stopped to watch them for long enough to see if they engage in any sort of social or family activities.  I still haven’t seen any baseball games or picnics. The Mating Powder and the emergence of significant numbers of additional tiny monkeys would seem to indicate that the primary social and/or family activity is monkey sex, though I can’t claim to have actually observed this myself.  Admittedly it isn’t something I’ve been trying to observe, so perhaps it is happening right in front of me and I am unaware. But then there are long period of time when the room is dark and no one is watching.

2 Responses to Sea-Monkey® Update

  1. Michael says:

    I hope this doesn’t lower your opinion of “Sea Monkeys” too much, but they would continue to do their thing even without “mating powder” & “growth food”. I’ve sometimes hatched Artemia to feed to baby guppies (you can get vials of the “eggs” – which are technically “cysts”, at aquarium stores, without the Sea MOnkey marketing gimmics), and, be informed that they grow into delightfully creepy adults even without feeding – well, actually, the big news is, their only possible source of food has to be each other. They are not sentimental creatures.

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