Improving Access to Abortion

In light of the increasing medical evidence of how early the foetus shows signs of sentience  and the increasing number of abortions in this county, the British Medical Association voted yesterday to make abortions easier to obtain. Yes, that’s right.

Under the current law, two doctors have to sign off on the abortion.  the BMA wants to drop that requirement. It may have something to do with the fact that more and more doctors are refusing to do abortions. With more teens wanting to kill their babies and fewer doctors willing to serve as executioner, I suppose something has to give.

There was also a motion before the BMA annual conference to allow nurses and midwives to carry out abortions, but that was defeated on the grounds that they are not sufficiently trained to perform such a complex operation. This is just more evidence of the crisis.

There are 200,000 babies out there needing to be killed every year and no one seems to want to do the killing.  There has been some relief through the increased use of drug-induced abortion, but demand for surgical abortions is still outstripping supply. What is an immoral nation to do in such a situation?


2 Responses to Improving Access to Abortion

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am appalled by this.

    I am glad I am no longer working as a midwife, for I could not in conscience administer abortifacient drugs. Many midwives I know feel the same.
    We are there to support women, yes, but we are also there to help bring new life safely into the world, not destroy it.

    It was a sad day when the Royal College of Midwives got rid of their traditional logo which stated quite unequivocally “Vita Donum Dei” – “Life is a gift from God”………

  2. Margi says:

    I don’t think dropping the requirement to have two doctors sign off an abortion request will make any difference. It doesn’t matter how many co-sign the form, what matters is how many are willing to perform the procedure and that is going down and down. The problem is, as Elizabeth has highlighted, that the newish medical (non-surgical) abortions only require the doctor to write a prescription and it’s the midwife who administers the drug. I suspect a lot of gynaecologists who would draw the line at performing a surgical abortion, or who have become disgusted with it having done it might still throw a squiggle on a sheet. Midwives have to now go where doctors have gone and refuse.

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