More on Ron Paul

It may not be evident from the comments, but apparently one way to spike viewing figures is to write something about Ron Paul. This is perhaps more evidence of his popularity in the viewing figures.

I like Dr Paul. Anyone in Congress with the nickname “Dr No”  has got to have something going for him. If you are looking for a constitutional strict constructionist you really need look no further.

Does that mean I would vote for him for the GOP nomination? Hmm . . .  Not sure. This is partly because despite the ground swell of support on the internet, I don’t know if he can win it. I’m also not so sure he’s the most electable candidate against the Democrats. I’d also hate to see him give up his Congressional seat in an ill-fated Presidential primary run.

At this point, I’m still with Fred Thompson. I just wish Fred would stop putting his finger in the political wind and just get in the race. He won’t needs as much money as Guilani or Romney, but he needs to get his machine going soon enough.

After that I’m in the anyone-but-Guliani camp.

Being a permanent resident of the UK, I have say I’m jealous that Americans actually have someone (if not several people) worth voting for. Over here, we are trading one socialist for another next week. We have another one waiting should the Tories get elected next time. In fact, if the Tories get elected we will get someone more like Tony Blair than if we keep Gordon Brown.


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