The Next British Invasion

It would seem that Britain’s biggest retailer isn’t rich enough and the US doesn’t have enough supermarkets.

Tesco is expanding in the States, with an ambitious plan to open three stores each week until it has 50 stores by next February. That’s just the first phase. The next will see another 50 stores. There will be 30 Tescos just in Phoenix.

You would think their presence in 12 other countries would be enough, but I suppose the US market is just too tempting. Tesco hopes to eventually have as many store there as in the UK.

In the UK, there is no need for any sort of unique selling point. It’s just a matter of “We’re here, we’re everywhere, and we have everything.” There are already plenty of chains in the US doing that, so Tesco’s own-label products will have no artificial colours, flavourings or trans-fats. They will promote healthy living. Too bad they don’t do that here.

With £7.2 billion in annual sales, I suppose they aren’t too worried if their £250 million per year American experiment doesn’t break even by the end of the second year as planned.