Out for a Drive and Dinner

Another day of blogging missed, but I left school yesterday just after the final bell and we headed for Cheddar to spend one more evening with Mrs H’s in-laws before they flew back to the States. We went out to a pub for dinner and I won’t say what I had to eat, lest I scandalise any of the faithful as I completely forgot about the Apostles’ Fast.

The pub advertises two-for-one dinners. Most places this means a limited lunchtime  menu of microwave meals. At the Stag and Hounds in Churchill, Somerset it applies to the full menu, including the specials. It is little wonder that when we arrived, most of the tables had already been reserved. We got the only unreserved table that seated more than four. The food was good. The only problem was asking three different Russian waitresses for salad dressing, of which there was only one variety, but it was good.

With a two-hour drive down and a similar time in returning, it made for a long evening. The traffic was lighter getting back, but it still took about the same amount of time, because Mrs H missed a motorway junction resulting in an entirely different way home from Bristol. I contributed to the situation by reading funny exam answers as I was marking papers in the car. I had imbibed a pint of cider, thus discharging me of driving duties, but making it easier to understand some of passes for exam answers.

I marked until it go too dark and then dozed off, but I was still too tired to bother with anything but bed when we got in.