The popular image of overweight Americans has not been improved by a man who fell ill on a cruise ship anchored in Scotland.

He could not be removed from the ship and taken to hospital by ordinary means. When the 450 lb man succumbed to stomach problems (wow – there’s a surprise), he had to be winched off the ship by an RAF Sea King helicopter. He was then transported to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

He had emergency surgery and is recovering. Soon he’ll be back to eating at full strength again.


3 Responses to Airlift

  1. Philippa Alan says:

    One of my daughter’s co-workers went for gastric by-pass. The day before the surgery she was all excited about “looking skinny” in just a short amount of time. Unfortunately, she died from internal hemorraging due to the surgery. She was in her late 20’s.

  2. Mary says:

    What a hideous thing to post about a handicapped person. What happened to Christian compassion? When did this kind of post become even remotely acceptable? It is apparent that you believe that the man’s weight issue is of his own making. You do not allow that he may have an as yet unknown, undiagnosable but very real and significantly impactful metabolic condition that causes his obesity as so many of us do. More and more malfunctions of the pituitary and other hormonal and other regulatory organs of satiety, metabolism and so forth are being discovered nearly every day. What call do you have to be such a beast to a man who is unable to get himself off a cruise ship due to his medical conditions? Wouldn’t you be in the same ‘boat’ should you lose your atificial support? In my opinion, his situation is no different than your own.

    In addition, what would you say if you found out that the man suffered from an aortic anerysm, an emergency condition that often presents with abdominal pain? What if he was suffering from food poisoning caused by poor food handling practices of the cruise ship staff as has happened so frequently of late? Would that then be due to his obesity and be cause for beating him up online in your blog?

    Again I say, what an insensitve post. What an insensitive comment. I hope you retract the entire thing and apologize to the man you maligned.

  3. Dave says:

    I don’t know whether he’s handicapped or not. I noted it because it made the press over here. Admittedly I’m playing the odds that he’s fat for the same reason I am – he eats too much of the wrong stuff and doesn’t exercise.

    As you will note from the post above this, I’m am an advocate for the disabled – but you already knew that. And you have known for a long time that I’m not a particularly sensitive writer. Maybe that’s why I like Jeremy Clarkson, even though he bashes and stereotypes Americans way too much.

    BTW, if I did lose my leg on a cruise ship and needed to get off for medical reasons, I would go by crutches, wheelchair, or gurney, depending on the severity of the condition.

    All that being said, I hope you forgive me for the offence I have caused, even if it is on someone else’s behalf.

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