Digital Detection

HM Treasury could see a boost of an additional £120 million per year, thanks to upgrades in speed cameras.

The Government indicated some time ago that they weren’t inclined to increase the number of cameras on the road, due to public unhappiness at the prospect. However, they never said they wouldn’t increase the capacities of the existing cameras.

The traditional cameras can only shoot about 200 violators before needing the film replaced. The new cameras are digital. The old ones can only be pointed at one lane of traffic. The new ones can monitor four lanes at a time.

All of that additional money will go to central government. This is because as of last month all money from speed cameras goes to the Teasury. The local portion has been taken out of it.

The proliferation of camera has gotten so widespread that many insurers are no longer taking tickets into consideration when setting premiums. Some will let drivers accumulate nine points (three speeding tickets) without increasing the annual rate.


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