Okay Then

As every Orthodox reader already knows (all most non-Orthodox readers wouldn’t care to know) ROCOR has reconciled with the Moscow Patriarchate. While I’m always glad to see a schism end (though I’d really like to see the end of the one between Rome and the rest of the Patriarchates), I just haven’t gotten all that excited about this.

Maybe it has something to do with having been a member of the Moscow Patriarchate stuck under the Office for External Affairs because we were ethnically Russian. Since ROCOR is very Russian, I’m sure they won’t mind that Alexy and the Holy Synod believe in the use of strong-arm tactics to get their way. Alexy has promised to let the ROCOR hierarchy do their own thing for the “foreseeable future”. That’s probably true. It’s just that Moscow lacks prognosticatory powers.

That being said, we’ve traded Comrade Ridiger for Black Bart who appoints pro-abortion legislators as archons and whose theological contribution to the Church is to be the ecclsesiastical equivalent of Al Gore on the environement.

I know that there are some great and good hierarchs out there. Fortunately, the Church keeps going despite the others.

2 Responses to Okay Then

  1. Natasha Mulligan says:

    Actually, I’m pretty excited about it myself. As a member of ROCOR since I converted in 1981, I am glad that we can finally put the events of nearly a century ago, behind us.

  2. Dave says:

    Don’t get me wrong – I am happy for those who have been looking forward to rejoining the Patriarchate. And I am happy that ROCOR are now canonical and can commune with EP, Antiochian, and all the rest.

    Like I said, my feelings come from my experience as part of the Patriarchate. I know how Moscow has treated non-Russians, particularly in our diocese. Moscow followed the Russian tradition of authority running roughshod over everyone else. Many of the Russian speakers (mostly recent immigrants to this country) undermined the authority of the local bishop, appealing to Moscow to Russify what had been for decades a culturally English church. When the bishop’s position became untenable, they airlifted in a non-English speaking Russian bishop to take over.

    ROCOR folks in the States may be happy with the way Moscow does business. I’m happy for them.

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