All About Sex

I hadn’t tag surfed in a while, so I was skimming through and came across some anti-Christian Right stuff.  I’m not really affiliated with the Christian Right anymore, but given my background and the fact that most anti-Christian Right stuff is heavy on the anti-Christian bit, I thought I’d go in a have a poke around.

In the past I have been a critic of some of the Christian history of America material. I think some of it has been poorly research and most of it has been written to an agenda, neither quality I find particularly endearing.  Now I come across the anti-Christian history agenda and it seems to suffer from the same problem.

I ended up with a link to the self-published book, Liars for Jesus by Chris Rodda. She provides a pdf of chapter 2 on her website of the same name. She spends 40 pages explaining why David Barton is lying when he says the Northwest Ordinance (the 1789 act of Congress setting up the territory that would eventually become Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin) required religion to be included in public education. Barton extrapolates his views from Article III:

Religion, Morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, Schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.

Barton may be incorrect in his choice of the word “required” instead of “encouraged”. But does it take 40 pages to say this?  She notes that the origin wording proposed was:

Institutions for the promotion of religion and morality, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged… 

So, she argues, by amending this Congress showed it did not intend to actually promote religion.

When he says other states incorporated the language of the Ordinance into there constitutions, she says, yeah, but not all of them and then goes into pages and pages about how the Northwest Ordinance was just an ordinary act of Congress and not some sort of unchangeable compact.

By the end of the chapter she sets her sights higher than just David Barton. She accuses Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and William Rehnquist of misquoting legislation in decisions about religion in schools.

So is all of this done in the noble cause of historical accuracy? Or is there an agenda here? Ms Rodda is also a main contributor to the Talk to Action website and writes a lot of her anti-Christian history stuff there, exposing the Right. I can’t help but think that her work is just a bit coloured by the purpose of that writing group:

We are pro-religious equality and pro-separation of church and state. We are prochoice, and we support gay and lesbian civil rights — including marriage equality. Therefore, debates about the validity of abortion and gay rights are off topic. . . .It is our intention to take the conversation forward, and not let it be held back by debating what, in our view are or should be, settled matters of human, civil and constitutional rights.

So Talk to Action is really about the right to have sex. Whenever, wherever, however. That would be the human, civil and constitutional right to have sex. The social Left seems to be obsessed with this. They even accuse the Christian Right of being obsessed with it, but in reality the Christian Right is concerned with more than abortion and gay rights, it’s just that these seems to get the goat of the Left.

That’s not to say that the Right doesn’t realise profligate sexual expression has undermined the moral fabric of society. The Right says we need a society that promotes stability and requires self-discipline. The Left says we need a society that promotes doing whatever you want and where everyone is happy to pay for the consequences of it. Thus the Right says that part of the problem is abortion-on-demand, chlamydia and AIDS and the Left says, no, it is the Right not wanting to pay for abortions and condoms and AIDS research and expensive drug cocktails so they Left can get on with the business of having sex-on-demand.


One Response to All About Sex

  1. handmaidmaryleah says:

    Don’t forget that the right is intolerant of others views and freedoms; that is our whole problem, if we would just shut up they would be happy (though I doubt that), great POV though,

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