Eugenics License

For the first time, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has granted a license to kill embyros for cosmetic reasons. The Bridge Street clinic run by Professor Gedis Grudzinskas is going to release to heaven all the souls connected to bodies that might have a squint.

Grudzinskas will kill for any reason he can get away with, really. He said: “We will increasingly see the use of embryo screening for severe cosmetic conditions.” He even said he would screen embryos for hair colour say it “can be a cause of bullying which can lead to suicide. With the agreement of the HFEA, I would do it.”

Let’s get to the point of it. He is happy to kill redheads. No other hair colour a typical cause of bullying. However, as a ginger, I can personally attest to the cruelty from which I suffered during my formative years. Were the technology available in the 1960s, if only my parents had known my red hair would be the focus of taunting, they could have had me killed.

Professor Mengele Grudzinskas clearly thinks its a good reason. After all, you can never tell which redheads might be driven to suicide and which might not. If it’s right to kill one, it right to kill all. That would be the safest option.


One Response to Eugenics License

  1. handmaidmaryleah says:

    How bloody frightening. But not surprising, sadly. May God have mercy upon us.
    My sister is a redhead and so is my nephew, two of the most beautiful people I know.
    Christ is Risen!
    the handmaid,

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