May Bank Workday

Holiday? What holiday?

The banks may be closed and most people not employed in retail are off work, but marking must go on. I still have a few more courseworks and a few more Year 7 reports. Then it’s time for lesson planning.

The good news? There’s only 19 lessons until next weekend. This week is Year 9 SATs, but as timetabling would have it, I only lose one and a half lessons.

The Year 11s leave on Friday, which will free up a substantial part of my timetable for revision sessions, marking, and planning for next year. I’m not anticipating heavy attendance at revisions sessions, so perhaps I will have to take less marking home.

Next week is Year 10 exams – but I have yet to see what I’ve drawn in term of missed groups vs. invigilation.  Then its the rush to get exam grading done and produce end of Key Stage 3 levels for the government.

Apart from the insanity of spring fever (which in this country eventually becomes summer fever as get into June and July) when some kids are inspired to do incredibly stupid things or just go wacko from an overload of education, the summer term is the nicest of the year.


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