Who’s Who?

The Government has admitted that it has lost 9 million national insurance numbers. Just like a social security number in the States an NI number is a powerful thing.

Ocassionally frausters get caught. Recently Adesola Adelana, Stephen Ayankoya and Adetutu Olowe stole 37 numbers in total and used them to help open 11 bank accounts, obtain eight forged driving licences and access nine credit cards. They also attempted to obtain £357,000 in tax credits.

Often they don’t get caught and there is no telling how the numbers have been used in the same manner as Adelana, Ayankoya and Olowe.

The scariest thing was outlined by the Opposition.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said he was alarmed at the admission, primarily because the Home Office intends to use the NI database as the model for setting up Britain’s national identity card scheme in 2009.

“The Government cannot know who is in this country and who is entitled to what,” he said.

“How can they claim the integrity of their £20 billion ID card database, which will hold dozens of pieces of information on every citizen in the country, will be protected?”

 This follows on last month revelation that 10,000 false passport were issued by the Home Office last year. 10,000. A Government minister indicated that this is the number than slipped through out of the 16,500 fraudulent application.


One Response to Who’s Who?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This government is incapable of organising a drunken rave party in a brewery, frankly……..

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