Society Without Boundaries

The ladette culture is getting younger and younger. It has been revealed that girls 11-13 are drinking 83% more alcohol than they were six years ago. Alcohol Concern, a national voluntary agency on alcohol misuse funded by the Department of Health, has also released information showing that for boys in the same age group, the increase is 43.4%.

In my experience as a teacher, I find this unsurprising. My students in that age group as a whole are very conversant with the drinking culture. Some are open about their drinking. By the time they are 14 or 15, they find it absolutely incredible that someone would suggest to them that drinking to the point of drunkeness is in some way inappropriate. And just like the number indicate, it is girls who are more brazen about this.

Unfortunately, Alcohol Concern’s response to this is to urge the Government to make it illegal for anyone, including parents, to provide alcohol to anyone under 15. This takes away parental responsibility to teach the appropriate use of alcohol. This will especially impact Jewish families who may have their children partake of a bit of the Sabbat wine. It also affects children taking Communion. After all, in the Orthodox Church, infants are provided with wine from the time of their baptism. In the Roman Church, they are communing from about seven years old. It may be the Most Precious Blood, but to an unbelieving policeman and prosecutor, they may not be able to discern between the accidents and the true reality.

Existing laws are sufficient to tackle the problem. It is not the law, it is the enforcement. It is the 14 and 15 year olds drinking in pubs and clubs and buying from the off-license. It is those who informally supply young teens with drink.

It is no surprise a society that practices complete hedonism sees its children picking up the worst aspects of it. A binge drinking culture will have binge drinking children. A completely promiscuous society will have a huge teen pregnancy problem.

Morality knows no age restrictions. These are false barriers that a society erects when it wants to protect the innocent from its own decisions. They are used to justify bad behaviour and immorality. These arbitrary limits by their nature proclaim there is a time when it is appropriate for a person to do what is right in their own eyes. But just like in the book of Judges, everytime a society does what it right in its own eyes, it only brings the judgment of God.

In this country, it has given us a binge drinking culture with children suffering from alcohol-related diseases formerly only known in the aged after intemperate lives. It has led to 500 abortions in this country every day, about 20% of which are performed on teenagers. It has led to unprecedented levels of robbery and vandalism, almost all of which are attributed to youthful offenders.

In the end it costs the society itself in so many ways.


One Response to Society Without Boundaries

  1. Margi says:

    I know there’s an exception to everything but it’s hard to imagine those binge-drinking kids are starting with Holy Communion or the Shabbat cup or even a glass of something at Sunday lunch. The government are complete donkeys.

    Right on about false barriers though. My favourite at the moment is the incredible stretching of the already disputed “autistic spectrum” to allow kids to be shoved on at the low end to excuse (and fail to adequately treat) various behavioural problems; usually the ones that start with lack of the “no” word in toddler-hood. I am used to seeing car stickers in the US that say “My kid is an Honor Student at….” makes me cringe but last time I was there (how’s this for cringeworthy?) “My kid is Autistic” and “Proud of my Autistic Kid”. And a favourite on signature lines on mailing lists is “One in 150 kids is autistic – mine is one of them”. Which being translated means, “My kid is a horrid little brat and I refuse to take responsibility for changing him so I’ve got him a label.” Makes one wonder about the resources being taken from children who truly are autistic to humour the parents who are desperate for a label.

    I wonder with the drinking issue though if there’ll be an exception made for Holy Communion and other religious rites? A few years ago I would have said there would be for sure but in the wake of the Catholic adoption agencies and allowing gays to adopt I’m not so sure. I guess the ‘solution’ would be two chalices, one with non-alcoholic wine for the under 15s. Meanwhile the drinking problem will go and on, of course. Have you ever read John Wesley’s diaries and his descriptions of life in the “gin towns” of the industrial revolution? Discussions like this always take me back to them. Wesley saw only one answer.

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