The Sharia Exchequer

For 50 years, the Treasury in this country has sold Premium Bonds. They are similar to US Savings Bonds, but with a twist. As the official website notes:

Premium Bonds are an investment where, instead of interest payments, investors have the chance to win tax-free prizes. When someone invests in Premium Bonds they are allocated a series of numbers, one for each £1 invested. The minimum purchase is £100 (or £50 when you buy by monthly standing order), which provides 100 Bond numbers and, therefore, 100 chances of winning a prize. You can hold up to £30,000.

With 23 million bondholders holding £26 billion worth of Premium Bonds nationwide, Premium Bonds are one of Britain’s financial success stories. They are a fun, yet serious way of saving, combining the chance of winning tax-free prizes with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your capital is 100% secure.

As well as the two £1 million jackpots you can win anything from £50 to £100,000 for each Bond number you hold.

Now all this is going to change. Why? Because they don’t comply with Sharia law, according to the Economic Secretary to the Treasury Ed Balls. All other government-sponsored savings products will be similarly examined for compliance with Sharia. According to Balls, “Domestically, we will do everything we can to promote new ways for British Muslims to bank, save and borrow using Islamic finance products.”


One Response to The Sharia Exchequer

  1. madmouser says:

    Why not just pack your bags and leave, giving them your country completely. That is what they are after and if you are too stupid to realize it, then you deserve what you get. Keep accommodating them at every turn and there will be nothing left that is British, except your accents.

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