I am very sad about the massacre at Virginia Tech. I even teared up when reading in The Times about the solidarity as students on other college campuses wore VT colours.

However, I just have to wonder at calling this some sort of national tragedy. Sure, it is a tragedy for the families and friends of the victims. It is even a tragedy for the student body of VT. But it is hardly a national tragedy.

I wonder how much higher the murder count was in the US on that day as opposed to other days. According to the FBI in 2005 there was a murder every 31.5 minutes. There were 16,692 murders or nonnegligent homicides in 2005. The murder rate increased from 2005 to 2006. Seems to me that’s a national tragedy.

And that’s just the murders of the post-partum population. What about the murders of the unborn? There are approximately 3,700 of those each day in the US. Seems to me, that’s even more of a national tragedy. Where are the flags at half-staff for those? Where are the MySpace pages and the FaceBook pages for those victims?

And why do we have such national solidarity when it comes to tragedy? There is gun crime on a massacre scale in Iraq every day. As someone commented on one of Fr Dcn Steve’s blogs, 33 would have been a good day in Iraq. But most of them are Muslims, so I suppose we don’t really have to care.

Yes, it was a bad thing that happened at VT. We just need to get some perspective and care about life extinguished everywhere around us.


One Response to Perspective

  1. Daniel says:

    A profound insight. I think the national tragedy has been going on for many years. Abortion may have been its beginning but a culture if death has developed which must be acknowledged and dealt with. I see VT as a continuation of terrorism of a domestic kind. The underlying cause is not guns nor America’s wars past or present. Rather, it is more about an ideology that glorifies death and killing. Every single terrorist I have gained any information on has fed his/her mind with various media supplying the rationale to kill and destroy. Islamists who carried out 9/11. Tim McVeigh who bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City. Eric Harris, who terrorized Columbine, did the same. Islamic jihad may be part of the ideology supporting Muslim terrorism, but as I undersrand it, their is also a separate work of fascist view. Our secular society society has divorced the moral rationale (religion) for living in freedom, and replaced with socialist-humanist ideas. The outcome is the glorification of violence for its own sake in movies and games. Ironically, the same who still attempt to remove religion and its service to free living not only cry out against war and violence while they continue to remove the religion and morality from public life, so that their constituency can do their own thing.

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