More School Violence

It’s usually not a bad thing for girls to carry Mace for self-defense. It really depends on the kind of mace. This is from the Associated Press:

GARY, Ind. — A 15-year-old girl who allegedly swung a medieval-style weapon at a teacher, striking a student who intervened, told police she was tired of being picked on.

The Lew Wallace High School freshman swung the mace — a spiked ball and chain attached to a wooden stick — at a teacher Thursday morning, said Gary Police detective Sgt. Darlene Breitenstein.

The teacher wasn’t hit, but a 19-year-old student who intervened was cut on her hand.

“It’s heavy, and it’s metal and it’s sharp,” Breitenstein said. “I took the weapon to the detention center for the judge to see.”

The 15-year-old was being held at the Lake County Juvenile Justice Center on battery charges. A detention hearing was scheduled for Friday.

School officials told police a fight broke out in a hallway as students changed classes. “The victim saw the suspect go after a school teacher with the ball,” Breitenstein said.

The girl told Breitenstein she brought the weapon to school because she needed protection.

Gary Community School Corporation spokeswoman Charmella Greer said disciplinary action would be taken against the girl.

School officials will investigate how the girl got the weapon past the school’s metal detectors, she said.


7 Responses to More School Violence

  1. Philippa Alan says:

    Okay, I’ll grant you that this is a tad extreme…however, I understand the feeling of “That’s ENOUGH! Stop teasing me!”

  2. handmaidmaryleah says:

    I’m thinking she was up for a little medieval overkill, do you guys have mace’s lying around in England? Did she make that weapon or did Mum and Dad just happen to own it?
    Maybe her auntie, the one you pictured in the belly shirt, gave it to her? Things are rough for the bullied you know, if theres not a mace to be swung at your victim , you can fester for years and get a 9mm that can kill 32 and then yourself.
    Don’t get me wrong, bullies are not to be justified but neither is becoming one yourself.
    Something to ponder…

  3. Dave says:

    Mary-Leah, she did this in Gary, Indiana.

    We don’t usually have medieval weaponry laying around here, other than in castles and museum displays. Over here, if someone wants to play with something a bit bigger than a mace, there are always the seige engines at Caerphilly Castle. You have to provide your own ammunition, though.

  4. Pingback: cheep checks

  5. Michael says:

    “Cheep” checks? Is this some kind of bird attempting to communicate in English? Interesting vocabulary, since our super-bird seems to understand supercooled nitrogen even less than I do! :O)

  6. Dave says:

    I was going to delete that spam, but since you commented on it, I have just removed the link.

  7. Michael says:

    Thanks. For some reason I take this zany delight in taking spam seriously and going with it.

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