Six Weird Things

I’ve been tagged by Huw. Here are six wierd things about me. I’m sure there are plenty of comtemporary ones, but most of these are historical:

1. If possible will I only drink hot drinks out souvenir mugs. We have two kinds of plain mugs in our house. When making tea for others, I will only use the white ones for tea and the yellow ones for coffee.

2. I went to a college that pre-dated Christ College and Patrick Henry College by a number of years. During my junior and senior years, I lived in a two-bedroom house that at one point housed eight adults and a pre-schooler in the middle of a 500-acre farm. It was so rigorous that I found graduate and post-graduate education remarkably easy. This suited the fact that I am quite lazy.

3. Before I went to college, I was planning to not go to college at all and be a missionary, following the advice of Keith Green.

4. Almost the entire time I was a Republican County Chairman, I lived (actually, though unofficially) outside that county. My living situation changed about a month after I was elected. I was still the most active GOP chairman the county had seen for a number of years.

5. The first time I visited a Christian Coffeehouse in Indianapolis, someone on staff someone came over and started intensely quizzing me about my theology. I found out later it was because I sat where someone recruiting for a cult had been the night before. Within a few months I was the emcee – one of most fun things I ever did on a regular basis.

6. I was thrown out of the restaurant on my very first date. My date was self-conscious about her size and wouldn’t have anything to eat. The owner wasn’t happy that we were taking up table space just drinking Cokes. Within a matter of months I led the successful campaign to prevent them from extending their alcohol license to 2:00 am. Maybe they should have just let me keep that table.

Tagging: Michael the meme-aholic, Elizabeth, Grumpy Teacher, GCW, the Brit and/or the Grit, Philippa, and Margi.


9 Responses to Six Weird Things

  1. Philippa Alan says:

    Thanks for the tag! I love # 6. You continue to crack me up!

  2. Michael says:

    Sounds like fun! I’ll have to work on limiting it only to the six weirdest things …

  3. gcw says:

    Yeah, I’m kind of with Michael on this. Let’s see, how do I select just six weird things…

  4. Grumpy Teacher says:

    Thanks for the tag. Mine are up. Feel free to mock me.

  5. the Grit says:

    Hi David,

    It will have to be the Brit, as, best I can recall, there is nothing weird about me.

    the Grit

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  7. gcw says:

    Okay, David. They’re up. At least what I’m willing to admit to.

  8. juliansdaughter says:

    My computer got sick and they actually made me WORK at work (terrible) and then I moved my blog (quelle surprise) so I am getting round to this today. Only a little late.


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