Stuck in the Middle With You

After reading articles on the breakup of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I was invited by the Daily Telegraph to take a quiz determining to which class of society I belong.

As it turns out I am on the upper reaches of the middle class score.

You, too, can take the quiz, but I warn you that unless you was domiciled in this country, many of the questions may not make sense.


5 Responses to Stuck in the Middle With You

  1. yucca says:

    thats funny dave… i have just been doing the quiz myself… found on an italian blog (ah, the power of the internet)… i had to stop halfway through cause the quiz was too southern english, and too grown up, for me…

    the best part of it is that initial point about the car… how do you seat in the car on a double date, dave?

  2. Huw says:

    300… “uneasily middle class”. I think being raise in the American south while watching PBS provides enough info to work the test 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    yucca, I didn’t interpret it as a double date, but just going for a drive – I’m working class there – the blokes can chat about bloke things in the front and the women about women things in the back.

    Huw, you had a higher score than me, verging on aristocratic. I was a 280.

  4. emalyse says:

    Hi – I was surprised to reach even uneasily middle class as I did. I’m more upmarket than I thought (am I in denial?).

  5. Mrs H says:

    Apparently I am middle class as well. Ha! That’s a turnout for the books.

    Isn’t everyone middle class nowadays though?

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