Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Like with Pavlov’s dog or a secondary school pupil (and these are vitually interchangeable) , the Government is planning to offer rewards for behaviour modification. In this case, it is for drivers volunteering to have the little black tracking box in their cars.

Giving a kick-back on fuel duty is one option being considered. It is not clear how this can be done, since the duty is paid at the pump.

As reported by The Times:

The hope is that positive reports from volunteers will help to silence suspicions about the concept, including concerns that the black box will be used to spy on drivers’ movements and to raise the overall amount paid in motoring taxes.

Ministers have promised repeatedly that neither of these things will happen but the size of the petition suggests that many drivers do not believe them.

I can’t imagine why the public wouldn’t trust the Government. The whiter-than-white Labour Government have never lied or taken away civil liberties, have they?

As the directory of the RAC Foundation said, “It would be political suicide to force road pricing on drivers. They need to be tempted to opt in.”


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