Crisis of Conscientious Objection

There is finally a crisis in the NHS that I’m glad to hear about. There are too many doctors who will not perform abortions. The number who refuse due to conscientious objection is rising significantly.

Even though tax money pays for 80% of abortions in the UK, half of these are done in private facilities.

I’m glad to see that even though the number of abortions continue to rise, those who really know what abortion is increasingly want nothing to do with it. The scientific evidence demonstrating the sentience of the unborn continues to mount. In 1967, it may have been easier to suggest that it was just a blob of tissue. Now doctors must go through extensive mental and philosophical gymnastics to convince themselves otherwise.

To make up for the lack of doctors willing to do the deed, there is a serious move afoot to allow nurses to carry out surgical abortions. Currently they can give abortion pills, but they can’t actually invasively attack the child and kill it with instruments.

I’m not sure what other surgical procedures nurses can perform. It seems there are those so desperate to kill babies they will do whatever it takes to make sure the abortuaries keep running at full capacity.


One Response to Crisis of Conscientious Objection

  1. handmaidmaryleah says:

    As you have probably heard, the Supreme Court has decided to uphold the ban on partial birth abortions, Glory to God!
    What you have written here is amazingly disturbing. It will be a matter of time before that happens here, they already force pharmacists to perscribe drugs that they don’t want to, they would try to make doctors do procedures that are not medically ncessary as well.
    In the National Geographic documentary, In the Womb, in the one about Human Beings they described the baby as a “parasite”, I have yet to hear that term applied to any of the animals that they have done in the series.
    Christ is Risen!
    the handmaid,

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