End of Days

As noted by the Daily Telegraph, Tony Blair’s days as Prime Minister are at an end. As much as I’m sure he hoped to go out on top, it appears that he is rather floating away in a dinghy as the ship of state sinks.

The upcoming local elections will likely be the final nail in his polical coffin. I don’t view them with quite the dire ramification of the Brit. The Scottish Nationalist are likely to win a plurality up north. Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes it’s for the best.

We probably won’t have Scottish prime minster of England while Scotland goes independent under the Scottish Nationalists. If the SNP gain control of Holyrood they won’t get a referendum together until 2010.  Gordon Brown has to call a General Election to be held by April 29 of that year, though it could come as early as 2009. That’s when the Tony Blair clone, David Cameron will probably get into Number 10.

I don’t think the Tories will do that much better than Labour. They have a virtually identical fiscally moderate capitalist/socialist blend with a liberal social policy accepting of anything and without moral constraint.

2 Responses to End of Days

  1. the Brit says:

    Hi David

    I agree generally with you analysis of the situation. However, one has to wonder what effect the break-up of the Union, if it comes to pass, will have on the standing of Britain and England on the regional and world stage. It would seem to me that the EU would welcome the admission of Scotland as a separate member state, as it would reduce the effectiveness of our voice, which has been a thorn to them in some cases.

    The other aspect is that, if Scotland achieves separation, then I think that the English parliament rules should be changed to not permit Scottish MP’s the ability to stand for our parliament.

    the Brit

  2. Dave says:

    If you look at it in terms of population, Scottish separation shouldn’t make much of a difference on the world stage. The loss of 5 million out of 60 million isn’t that significant. If Scotland is as over-represented at Strasbourg as it is at Westminster, then things should be sorted out when they leave the UK and England will be more properly represented.

    Separation would certainly mean that Scottish MPs and Lords (including ministers) would have to leave Westminster.

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