Royal Hatred

Fred Phelps is always there to give Christians a bad name. The latest focus of his hatred is the King of Sweden.

Fred never ceases to amaze.


5 Responses to Royal Hatred

  1. Ha Tikvah says:

    I’d never heard of them until the BBC ran a story with Louis Theroux interviewing them – just watched it today and was utterly shocked at the content. While I could say that a small percentage of what they state they believe is fairly accurate to a degree – the way they present it is absolutely DIRE! For people who pertain to be Christians I’m afraid they’ve slid into being a cult. Ironically Louis suggested that to the wife, who was very adamant that she could care less what the world thought of them. But they bear many of the hallmarks I noticed with the Branch Dividians – a single figure of authority who leads them and insists that they are the true church, emphasis on one portion of scripture to the exclusion of all else (with David Koresh, it was the apocalypse), and members who seem unable or unwilling to truly read scripture for themselves. One guy stated he was going to picket some Jewish church because the Jews killed Jesus – He’s obviously missed the point where Jesus said that NOBODY could take His life except that He laid it down, and that all of US are responsible for His death – the Jews just happened to be the people whom Jesus had to work with and try to teach – if nothing else we should actually be very grateful they disowned their Messiah – otherwise quite possibly the Jews would be the ONLY race who God was showing His Grace to (as was the case in OT times). Finally, I was shocked to see how they totally indoctrinate their kids to such a dreadful extent – it was obvious the kids had little concept of what the signs were all about, yet were enforced to go out with the teams and stand with them. To me, that’s little short of child abuse. The Christian message is not about hating anyone, nor trying to state that God does – God hates sin indeed, but NOT the sinner!!! Huge difference. Sadly, these people don’t truly care what God thinks or they would be doing the job of loving people into church, not pushing most away and making others sin in their anger. Forgive the length, but I just got so riled watching that programme, and needed to vent somewhere – appreciate your providing me the opportunity :)). Blessings, TKR

  2. Margi says:

    Personally I’m just glad it’s Princess Madeleine wearing revealing scarlet frocks and not Mrs Phelps-Roper 🙂 God is good.

  3. Dave says:

    When I saw a picture of Princess Madeleine, I looked at what God had made and saw that it was good. The photo that the Phelpses and the King are concerned about appears to be one opportunitistic shot in what is otherwise not an immodest dress. I hard think it is worth either of them even mentioning.

  4. Margi says:

    Nothing Fred Phelps mentions is worth mentioning, that’s what’s so tragic/comic about the man. In protestanism one decides for oneself what is and ain’t truly sinful but in Orthodoxy/Catholicism it is decided for us. I have been as ‘gay as a daisy’ mhy entire adult life but I’ve never had a priest who would let me wallow in it. It’s quite sobering to be told to get a grip of 100 other things first – all those irritating little things that take up every day. Fred is a tragic and horrible example of pick ‘n’ choose religion (Calvin would have kittens) and no-one has ever had the authority to tell him to quit being so unkind. So, so, so sad. So he raves about gays and gals in low cut dresses but so what? Princess Madeleine almost can’t help being a better person, even if the lass has cotton wool in her head, she’s better than he is. Everytime I come across Fred I check my eye for a beam or two (and I usually find one or two) 🙂

  5. handmaidmaryleah says:

    Well bloody said Margi!
    Christ is Risen!
    the handmaid,

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