Are You Being Served?

For brief moment in time, traffic wardens have had to play by the rules. Currently, if they are going to give you a parking ticket, they have to actually place the paper on the windscreen (or in your hand) for you to be liable for the fine.

Until last week, most everyone assumed that driving off without the ticket was no defense. That was until the High Court ruled that businessman Simeon Ademolake did not have to pay because ticket and car were never joined in unholy union. Notice is notice. You have to served.

Someone in Government must have been wise to this already, because the changes that closed the loophole were already in the works. But the Traffic Management Act doesn’t come into force until the autumn. You still have time to play it fast and loose. The margin for error is really not that great. Parking attendants (until the new legislation renames them “civil enforcement officers”) can get the information punched into their little hand-held device and get a ticket printed and onto the windscreen pretty fast.

I say all of this academically, because tickets are generally not something with which I have to deal. The ultimate weapon the battle with the traffic warden is the blue badge. Lose a limb, get a badge, and the world is your oyster, or at least your car park. Double yellow? What double yellow?


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