Truancy figures are up. More kids are skipping school. I could have told them that.

According to The Times,

The figures, which also showed that girls were more likely to be absent than boys, were 18 per cent higher than suggested by previous statistics, which were only compiled by schools once a year, rather than each term, had suggested.  .  . Ministers pointed out that while the overall truancy rate was higher than previous figures suggested, there were 20 per cent fewer persistent truants at the 436 secondaries targeted for intervention.  Jim Knight, the Schools Minister, said that this showed that efforts to tackle truancy were bringing results.

That’s right. They put their money on 436 schools where truancy is now down, but over the whole country (for which DfES is responsible, last time I looked) truancy is up, and this is a positive result.

Other than prosecuting parents, there is little schools can do. Truants cannot be punished by suspension or expulsion. Once again, the only effective methods appear to be reward systems. They have to be bribed into simply doing the right thing. The bigger the bribes (some schools use trips to theme parks) the better the result. There is absolutely no sense of responsibility or duty. No one does what they are supposed to do simply because they are supposed to do it.

And this leads to injustice. Bad kids get rewards for not being criminals. The ever-decreasing pool of good kids get nothing other than the satisfaction of being good.


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