Compassion Redefined

As much as I hate to disappoint my loyal readership, my posting may be sporadic during the Easter holidays.

The Iranian kidnapping of British sailors continues to dominate the news. As more and more facts come it, it has become more and more indesputable that the British sailors were in Iraqi waters. The Iranians even as much as admitted it by giving their own coordinates, which proved they were in Iraqi waters. When caught out the Iranians changed their tune and came up with another set.

The Iranians knew exactly what they were doing. Every government run by people of sane mind (that’s pretty much every government apart from Iran) needs to demand the release of the hostages. The Iranians have acted in the most despicable, dishourable way.

This includes the way that they have used Leading Seaman Faye Turney. Even though the Qur’an says there shall be no compulsion on matters of religion, Seaman Turney has been photographed wearing a scarf over her head in stark contrast to her military uniform. As least their view of women means that she is likely to get released first.

According to the first apology she penned at gunpoint, “The people are friendly and hospitable, very compassionate and warm. Please don’t worry about me, I am staying strong. Hopefully it won’t be long until I am home to get ready for Molly’s birthday party with a present from the Iranian people,” Isn’t that lovely. How sweet. The people who kidnapped me warm and friendly. They’re compassionately holding me hostage, but when they let me go, they going to give my daughter a present.

The Iranians weren’t letting her go until she wrote another apology urging the British Government to withdraw the troops from Iraq.  Now maybe after two apologies, the compassionate kidnappers will let her go. We’ll have to see.


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