It’s All Greek

After watching an episode Dr Who, Aidan was under the impression that a female robot was called an android. He was referring to the robotic Anne Robinson character in the Ninth Doctor episode “Bad Wolf”, who has the name Anne Droid. That’s when it finally dawned on me that a female robot should not be called an android.

Android comes from the Greek ανδρας which means a male. A female robot should be called a gynoid from the Greek γυνή. The proper unisex or generic term should be anthropoid.

I’m sure there are science fiction writers out there who have gotten it right, and at first I was going to say that clearly Russell T. Davies isn’t one of them. But being the generous soul that I am, I suppose that Guy Noid wouldn’t have fit the story quite as well.


2 Responses to It’s All Greek

  1. Steve says:

    When i was an editor at the University of South Africa, the Education Faculty loved to invent fancy names for their courses based on Greek and Latin words, because they thought it sounded more “scientific”.

    In light with this, they decided to call the course on the History of Adult Education “Temporal Andragogics”. They did not appreciate it when I told them it was sexist.

  2. Michael says:

    Kinda gives a different slant to the old Domino’s Pizza slogan, “Avoid the Noid.”

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