Bye Bye Bubby

Our rabbit Bubby has gone to a better place. I don’t mean she’s died. Really, she’s gone to a better place. Mrs H had been on at me for months to get rid of her because she really wasn’t getting any attention.

Because of the recent cold weather and snow, her hutch had been moved to the shed and she was cooped up in there all day every day. After four years, the hutch would not have survived another move out into the garden and a new one would have been too expensive.

Mrs H put her on the local Freecycle email list and a nice family from the southern part of the Shire saw it. They had already bought a hutch and all the accoutrements and were waiting for a rabbit to re-home, rather than get one from a pet shop. Bubby was well suited to their requirements.

I brought Bubby into the house and the kids played with her one last time before Mrs H took them out. I don’t think Abby understands that Bubby won’t be here when she gets back. Bubby’s new family arrived and took to her immediately. After discussing all of the things to which she’s become accustomed in terms of food and bedding, Bubby went into the pet carrier and soon she was out the door.

Her new family has promised to email photos so we can see how she is doing. I’m sure she’ll be fine.


2 Responses to Bye Bye Bubby

  1. Michael says:

    Did you intentionally name her after a Yiddish grandmother, or is that just a coincidence of spelling?

    We also sent our Dog Missy to a “better place” (a different home) a few years ago, and she took to the new family immediately, & our beloved Pluto is blessed with lots more quality time – I think he always needed to be the “only dog” anyway.

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