The Impact of a Good Teacher

I was browsing my hometown newspaper online, which currently features an article about my childhood piano teacher. She is now 88 years old and still teaching. I never knew she had such an eventful life.

Some people don’t know that the piano was my first instrument. I suppose these days some people don’t even know the guitar was my second. I wrote my first songs on the piano and it was my background playing the piano allowed me to teach myself the guitar.

I was never a good pianist. I didn’t practice enough. I didn’t want it enough. I gave it up after three years. Mrs Willman could have made me much better had I been willing.

My parents even bought a huge set of classical music books in the expectation I would be willing. As a major bibliographic investment, these didn’t prove as valuable as the sets of World Books I had received a few years before. I only ever played a handful of pieces other than some in the final couple of volumes, which contained modern music, including my mother’s favourite, “Moon River”.

But I still carried what I did learn with me. So I suppose that in every music incarnation I’ve experienced, as worship leaders, solo artist, band frontman, and in every song that I’ve written, there’s a bit of Mrs Willman.


One Response to The Impact of a Good Teacher

  1. inel says:

    Most of all Marie and her husband are thought of as the people who brought music to Calhoun County.

    What a great lifestory! I hope Mrs. Willman knows that her influence on you has lasted all these years.

    I hope more people recognise the priceless impact of a good teacher.

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