Expensive Nostalgia

Checking my Wikipedia watchlist, I found out that Barry McGuire has apparently gotten the rights to To The Bride, his 1975 live album with 2nd Chapter of Acts and a band called David, because he has it available as a CD. Unfortunately, he has priced it at $30.00 (plus $5.00 postage), which is a bit higher than I value nostalgia. I would probably pay half that much.

I have owned the LPs for some time, but I haven’t been able to get them copied onto either cassette or CD. I thought the school had that facility, but I later discovered that it doesn’t. I’ve not come up with any other options. I had originally wanted to use the song “I Walked a Mile” in my Year 9 unit on suffering. The lack of attentiveness to almost anything I have played for them means it really isn’t worth the effort to get it copied.

On a related note, the home page of Barry’s website features a YouTube video that uses “Eve of Destruction” as the background music for a presentation of the “these really must be the last days” view, complete with shots of a Bible open to the Revelation. He also links to another YouTube video which uses “Callin’ Me Home” over landscape shots. It uses the studio version from “Lighten Up” rather than the live version I prefer, but it is still a beautiful song.


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