Casting a Different Light

Not surprisingly NASA has two STEREO satellites. STEREO is an acronym for Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory. The STEREO craft are trying to get a new angle on the Sun by travelling ahead and behind the Earth in its orbit.

STEREO-B took the photo below at a distance of 1.6 million miles from the Earth. It is of a lunar eclipse – or what at this distance seems more like a lunar transit. The satellite took the pictures using four different extreme ultraviolet light wavelengths.



One Response to Casting a Different Light

  1. Michael says:

    You know, sometimes when I (as an amateur astronomer) think of how incredibly huge and hot the sun is, I’m almost a little scared that we’re this close to it! But of course, we’re exactly the distance that we need to be from it.

    I’ve become a real fan of unmanned space probes and their capabilities today.

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