Little Miscreant

The age of criminal responsibility in this country is ten. This ten-year-old may already have three convictions, but I’m sure that’s only because it would not be legally possible for him to have more. With my own eyes I’ve seen children in primary school who were accomplices to criminal acts, and have seen some of this behaviour in eleven-year-olds, so this story from The Times doesn’t surprise me at all.

A ten-year-boy considered so out of control that he was banned from a school for badly behaved children has become one of the youngest with an antisocial behaviour order.

Lewis Green, who has three criminal convictions, loves to get drunk, and smoke cigarettes and cannabis, and will steal from his own family to fund his various habits.

He has terrorised neighbours in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, where he has threatened other children with knives, stolen bicycles, shouted obscenities at pensioners and abused community support officers sent to impose order.

A district judge granted Barnsley Council’s demand for a full ASBO after the youngster smashed a window in the community centre and went even further by lifting legal restrictions on identifying him. He was barred from communicating with neighbours and placed under a nighttime curfew.

After the hearing at Barnsley Magistrates Court, the child went off for a smoke while his mother Stephanie, 39, insisted that the ASBO was unnecessary. Mrs Green maintains he has been a changed boy since a child psychologist placed him on a regime of anti-psychotic drugs to manage his anger.

That’s right, while mum defended his behaviour, he went off for a smoke.


3 Responses to Little Miscreant

  1. Elizabeth says:

    What is he going to be like when he is 16 ?
    I shudder to think.
    What on earth are his parents doing letting him do what he wants, and wander the streets unsupervised at such an age ?

    Most likely a close encounter with an old-fashioned birch rod would have worked wonders when he was younger…….and fifty years ago, that is what he would have got.Now he has “rights” which are enforced to the detriment of everyone else in his community……….

  2. fidothedog says:

    I give it a week or maybe a month tops before he is hauled up before the justice again. Maybe someone should run a book on how long it takes…

  3. alan says:

    Today the 16th march 2007 after T.V interview mum let him go to shop, missing for 2 hours. Was in the company of local druggies, before returning home. Mum and Dad well if you were to meet them. The rest of the family and you would see why Lewis is as he is as he thinks this is a normal, way to behave.
    Plus with the help of the media they are after compensation (N.H.S) and media fees.
    Friendly Neighbor……..

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