The Sacred in the Profane

Jeff Wofford has an excellent blog piece about how some of the naughty bits have been taken out of Bible translations and how they have lost the impact of the original language. He ties this to a loss of impact when we try to tidy up Christianity generally.


One Response to The Sacred in the Profane

  1. Michael says:

    Hmmm … I knew the meaning of skubalon, but hadn’t known the connotation for sure, though I’m not surprised. Sheds a new light on a fun little memory from Greek class in college. We translated into Koine Greek a “catch phrase” from David Letterman’s show at the time, “They pelted us with rocks and garbage” & “skubalon” was the closest word we found for “garbage”. Kinda explains the prof’s quizzical, bemused look when he read the sentence.

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