If you get a ticket and you want to avoid those nasty points on your license, you can always fake your death. However, while this is a useful tactic for spiriting away to Rio with suitcases full of money, especially in the movies, it didn’t work for Glenda Askew of Swansea.

Because the 47-year-old had never gotten a full driver’s license, when she got caught by a speed camera near her home she panicked and sent the court a letter purported to be from her daughter. The letter claimed she had died in a car crash.

Apparently there hadn’t been any fatal crashes lately with victims matching her description, because the police decided to visit her house. I don’t know whether she tried to suggest that she had been resurrected, or simply realised the game was up. I’m betting on the latter.

Though she normally would have gotten a custodial sentence, the judge decided to suspend it and give her a year probation. I would guess her provisional license has been suspended as well.


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