Rev. Al the Eco-Messiah

Mark Steyn is always funny and always on the money. I do believe he’s outdone himself with today’s brilliant column on just how deep Al Gore’s hypocrisy runs. I almost fell out of my chair.

H/T: a commenter at The Hairy Beast


2 Responses to Rev. Al the Eco-Messiah

  1. hairybeast says:

    Mark Steyn is the best, thank God he’s on our side.

    Thanks, also for the link. The Beast is proud to be referenced on this fine site.


  2. the Grit says:

    Hi David,

    That is a most excellent piece. The worst part is that, even if the eco-freaks learn the truth, they wouldn’t care. After all, Al is “symbolically” cleansing himself of his pollution, and that makes things peachy keen.

    the Grit

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