Contrasting Styles

Time to poke fun at our side.

I decided to pick a Conservapedia article out of the hat – you know, the ol’ “Random page” link – and compare it to the leftist Wikipedia article of the same name.

It’s a study in contrast.

Conservapedians don’t think you need to know that much about Hammurabi. The Wikipedia article may need a little copyediting, but it’s gonna be a lot more helpful for that research paper or even oblique essay reference.

I’m not suggesting that Wikipedia is perfect. I just discovered tonight that an administrator speedy deleted my article on “a band called David”. For those of you familiar with the history of Contemporary Christian Music, I’m sure you will be shocked and outraged. I assure you, representations have been made.


One Response to Contrasting Styles

  1. Steve says:

    And then there’s the Wikipedia scandal. There’s a blog about it, which i read on the page you see before you log in to WordPress, but once I logged in I couldn’t find it again. I think you can search tages when you’re not logged in, but can’t when you’re logged in.

    But it was someone misrepresenting qualifications.

    As for the Conservapedia, I blogged about it here.

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