Cold and Wet

Today is one of those days we don’t get as often in Britain anymore. It’s cold and rainy, grey and dreary.

This is the kind of weather I first experienced when I visited the UK in 1980. This is what I came to expect British weather to be. I still remember staying in a Bed and Breakfast above the Barry train station with the cold wind whipping up off the Bristol Channel, freezing under the blankets. Actually we froze twice in Barry that trip, in two different B&Bs.

When I lived here in 1992, it was still like this to a great extent. But thanks to Global Warming™ we have to endure endless days of comfortable short-sleeve temperatures, even in winter.

There used to be a time when a jumper was necessary for most of the year. I’ve worn one twice so far. In fact, I have worn one so infrequently tat I didn’t even know my favourite had a hole in it until I got home from work.

I suppose I’ve have to get used to living in a sub-tropical climate again.


3 Responses to Cold and Wet

  1. the Grit says:

    Hi David,

    I’m not complaining either. Another few degrees of warming and I’ll have a vast new array of crops available for my garden and my farm. Of course, since we heat with firewood, which I grow and cut, my back will appreciate any increase in winter temperatures 😉

    the Grit

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  3. inel says:

    endless days of comfortable short-sleeve temperatures, even in winter

    Er, short-sleeves even in Barry?!

    The good news is that the weather forecast for Barry shows tropical sunshine with temperatures reaching scorching highs of 48 degrees Fahrenheit next Wednesday, after sub-zero temperatures at night.

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