Taking out the Trash

Maybe a lot of other people haven’t, but the spammers have found me. Thanks to WordPress’ Akismet filter, only one rogue comment has made it through. At this point, 120 have been blocked.

I didn’t even notice until I needed to edit one of my own comments to fix a typo.

This has been one of the little advantages of the underhanded upending of my old web hosting account. After my old hosts screwed up my spam blocking software with Moveable Type, I had clean out spam on a daily basis – massive amounts of it sometimes. When I moved to Blogger, the multi-step process of commenting stopped that. Now I know that WordPress is as effective, without requiring all the hoop-jumping. And with comments fully editable, it is as close to a perfect world as could be expected.


One Response to Taking out the Trash

  1. the Grit says:

    Hi David,

    Before the Brit and I moved, we racked up over 800 spam comments. Still, it’s better than having them call me at home.

    the Grit

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