Family Connections

I suppose with Virginia apologising for slavery, the news atmosphere is ripe for other stories about the Peculiar Institution.

Who would have thought one of Al Sharpton’s ancestors was owned by Strom Thurmond’s family. Now I didn’t say they were owned by ol’ Strom himself – that would have made an even better news story – but conrary to what you might think, Strom was born after the War of the Northern Aggression.

The connection still isn’t quite as close as it appears. He were owned by Strom’s first cousin twice removed, i.e, his grandfather’s first cousin.

The historical novel I’m researching will deal with the relationship between my own first cousin four times removed and the slave who saved his life by hiding him from Federal troops. I have information that his great-granddaughter is still alive and in her 90s. I need to get a hold of her before too long.

I wonder if there are any famous black people out there who have traced their lineage back to slaves owned by my ancestors or even some of my cousins. They had a lot of slaves – not hundreds owned by the same person, but well over a hundred amongst them, of which I’m aware.

If any of you are reading this, please get in touch. You don’t even have to be famous.


One Response to Family Connections

  1. Margi says:

    Ah, well, one of our elected idiots has just apologised for slavery despite Britain leading the way in abolishing it. I’m waiting on the various African states to apologise for selling their own people to the Europeans and Arabs. Don’t worry, though, I’m not holding my breath.

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