Down in the Muck

I thought when it came to depravity, the UK was right up there with the best (or worst). No, no, no. I think the Norse have to take that title.

I’m not suggesting in any way that all of Norway should be tainted with the actions of one man, but I’m not even going to describe them, other than to say it was, in just about every sense of the term a “crime against nature“. The story is three years old – but even if it isn’t hot off the press, the shock value is unabated.

H/T to Bad Cop News


4 Responses to Down in the Muck

  1. Margi says:

    Digital cameras are good things.

  2. gcw says:

    Wow. You must have been bored out of your mind and desperate to post.

  3. Dave says:

    Actually, I tag surfed to a link to the Bad Cops News which is overwhelmingly American, but has an Elsewhere (Not US) link, so I thought I’d see if there were any British examples. This one just happened to be the third one down on the page.

    I know it is a sign of my lack of spirituality, especially during Lent, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

  4. gcw says:

    You, old friend, are so easily entertained.

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