Tony and the Welsh

Tony Blair is worried about the Welsh.

He’s always had a problem with the Welsh. When watching disappointing results for Labour from the 1999 Welsh assembly elections coming in, he repeatedly said “F*&^%ing Welsh”. He didn’t actually say this to any Welsh people, but North Wales Police even used this as an excuse to investigate him for racial hatred. (Apparently the money they spent investigating Anne Robinson for “anti-Welsh remarks” on BBC Two’s Room 101 wasn’t enough. A superintendent, a detective chief inspector and two detective inspectors spent 96 working hours after 12 complaints that Anne had said the Welsh were “irritating and annoying”.) In both cases, the Crown Prosecution Service declined to proceed so no charged were made.

Now Tony is looking at Welsh Assembly elections that portend true humiliation. Labour has been dominant in Wales for a long, long time. Even so, they are one vote short of a majority in the Welsh Assembly.

Tony isn’t as worried about his opponents on the right as he is those on the left. In Wales, the second strongest party is Plaid Cymru (pronounced “plied cumry” – rhymes with “fried summary” if that helps) the Party of Wales, or Welsh Nationalist. Beyond their primary policy of Welsh independence, they are a true socialist party, unlike New Labour. Of course were they to become a true independent socialist state, they would then need lots of foreign aid from capitalist countries to keep them afloat, like every other small socialist country in the world. But I digress. . .

He’s afraid that a vote for Plaid Cymru will allow the Tories in through the back door. I think it is probably the other way around. In many parts of the Wales it is a two-horse race between PC and Labour. Sure there Tories have re-established some of their ground in the far southeast – the even have a Welsh seat at Westminster again. But Wales is essential a welfare principality. Every since Margaret Thatcher decided that the Government couldn’t continue to subsidize Government-owned coal mines that were producing a loss there has been no chance of Tory representation in much of the population base of South Wales. This is where Plaid has made it’s biggest inroads in recent years.

Though I’m no fan of Plaid, any result that weakens Labour is a positive outcome as far as I’m concerned.


2 Responses to Tony and the Welsh

  1. Margi says:

    Irritating and annoying? Hahahaa…. well they are… when they’ve taken over your local for a rugby international and they get drunk and don’t know whether they’re singing Abide With Me or something by Britney. Seriously, even with Grim Gordon et al hanging around Westminster, no government has ever liked the Welsh… or the Scots… or the Irish. They still suspect we’ll paint ourselves blue and flood over the border and down the nice Roman roads to cut their throats.

  2. Dave says:

    Oh, come on, wouldn’t you if you just had the chance?

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