For What It’s Worth

I’m watching back-to-back episodes of Star Trek on BBC2. It is possible to watch Star Trek every day in this country, but that’s with Sky and we’re a Freeview family.

If you are wondering which Star Trek I’m watching, you might call it The Original Series or TOS. I don’t like to call it that. For me, it is simply Star Trek – everything else needs a colon and a subtitle. The later shows may seem more realistic to the early 21st century viewer (even the Enterprise prequel series), though I’m sure they will seem as technologically cheesy by the middle of this century.

I’m no longer the Trek fan that I used to be. I watch it now for nostalgic reasons more than anything. I still have a great interest in the future of space travel and even colonisation. I still love to hear William Shatner’s voice-over to the original theme, “Space the final frontier. . . ”

However, I have no passion for Gene Roddenberry’s Federation built on the principles of utopian socialism. From a television entertainment standpoint, I think he was quite a visionary. The perpetuation and mutations of the Star Trek franchise are evidence of that. But as a political philosopher he’s predictable and his conclusions unsustainable.


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