The Longest Day

Tonight was Year 10 parents night at school.

RE being an undervalued subject, usually I have big gaps in my appointments and I’m home before 8:00. As it turned out, I didn’t have a break from 5:30 until almost 9:00. I was the last one in the hall.

This may be in part attributed to my tendency to verbosity. We are supposed to have 5-minute meetings. I sometimes ramble. I never keep a parent against their will, but I can prattle on a bit. At times I had a queue, so I tried to move them along.

The nice thing about parents night is that there is a much higher percentage of good kids represented than in the classroom. The parents who care enough to see RE are often the ones who care the most about education. They also tend to have kids who care the most about education.

After weeks of shouting at kids, it nice to actually say nice things about some of them. Even with the ones who are underachieving, I can at least let parents know that I see their child’s potential and discuss how we can work together to reach it.

It makes for an 13-hour work day, but I enjoy parents night.


One Response to The Longest Day

  1. Grumpy Teacher says:

    That is neat. I’m glad the evening went well.

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