No Laughing Matter

The Church if England is launching a comedy club in Birmingam. It is not coincidental that they are launching it on Ash Wednesday. They are purposely beginning during Lent, with the intention of making this time less solemn. According to the BBC, “The club is part of a wider effort by the Church of England to make Lent, which began on Wednesday, a bit more fun.”

To me that kind of misses the point of Lent, but then I’m not running the Church of England. Not that anyone is sure who is running the Church of England. But these are all points for another time.

No, I have a much more tangental point to make. It’s not even about fact that it’s not really a Christian comedy club, but rather just a place to have good clean fun without having to listen to swearing. Rather it’s about a commenter on the BBC article who said, “Clean, Christian Comedy. I’m losing the will to live just reading the article.”

What is it to him (or her, it was just signed “MB, London”)? It’s not like he’s being forced to go. It’s not even like Songs of Praise, where he might have to endure three or four seconds of it before he changes the channel. It’s not like the vast majority of comedians don’t pander to his preference for a lowest common denominator constant stream of obscenity.

On a daily basis I deal with atheists and other unbelievers seem to think that Christianity is imposed upon them by its very presence. Yet they think it is perfectly acceptable to impose their disdain on Christians. I’ve seen whole blogs that do nothing but bash Christians or any sort of religious belief.

I’m not sure how you make fun of someone who has something you don’t have, because they have it. Disbelief is fine. You don’t have to believe in anything. But how to you say to someone who once didn’t believe and now does that what they have is silly because you don’t have it?

It’s Plato’s Cave all over again. Convinced of the reality of the empirical, denying that there can be any other, the prisoners want to kill anyone who suggests otherwise.

It’s similar to the response I get whenever the subject of monks and nuns comes up. When they aren’t mocking the idea of someone whose life is given over to religious work, they are incredulous that anyone would give up having sex. These are 13 or 14-year-olds for whom the centrality of sexuality to being is so ingrained that they cannot imagine someone might forgo it for any reason.

Getting back to comedy, morality-free sexuality is the entire basis for their humour. I’m still talking about 13 and 14-year-olds. Statistically speaking, most of them have no idea what they are talking about. But they cannot comprehend a different reality and they attack any suggestion of it.

They readily and rapidly become just like “MB” who cannot stand the idea that Christianity is even present in the marketplace of ideas.


One Response to No Laughing Matter

  1. hairybeast says:

    The Beast remembers an interview with Rowan Atkinson (of “Blackadder” fame) where he said that his style of comedy was Anglican-based, much like Garrison Keillor’s plumbing of Lutheranism for the requsite yuks.

    Jewish-style humor is a fundamental component of American comedy and has been for the last 150+ years.

    The Brits are very funny people and they should keep doing whatever it is that makes them so.

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